With the right products, hair, like skin, can bring out the inner beauty in you. Inspired by years of working with hair that has been physically changed by chemicals, heat and styling procedures, Roland Boutin and David Gouygou have created their own line of hair and scalp products to deliver results for your hair.

It not only bottles the best of the salon but also promotes healthy daily care by using ingredients and essential oils free of common chemicals - giving hair and skin a beautiful natural glow. Ingredients are sourced from America, France and Germany to ensure product effectiveness and safety. Suitable for men and women, the ingredients chosen are good for all hair types: normal, oily, dry, and colored.


  • COCO BLUSH Hair Mask

    COCO BLUSH Hair Mask

  • COCO BLUSH Hair Serum

    COCO BLUSH Hair Serum

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